As an established and trustworthy provider of immunizations and vaccines in the Calgary area, Shots To Go Travel & Immunization Clinic offers 4 locations across the city for your convenience. You can find us in Calgary Downtown SW as well as in NE, NW and SE quadrant of Calgary city.


Our physicians specialize in travel immunizations and are knowledgeable about the multitude of diseases and other health risks in different countries. Shots To Go Travel and Immunization Clinic will not only provide you with the vaccination you need before your trip, but also tips for staying healthy while travelling and what you should do upon your arrival home.

Unlike other providers, we only charge you for the vaccinations you receive. Our comprehensive recommendations and practical advice are complimentary for anyone who relies on us for service.

Are you planning a trip outside Canada or the United States? Let us provide you with the necessary precautions to remain healthy upon your return.

Let us know when you would like to stop in.


“Very knowledgeable and experienced staff. They took the time to understand our needs before prescribing is our vaccinations. Also educated us on certain vaccines to take when we have quick departures”

– Baljit K Joshi

“A thorough consult on recommended vaccines for my destination. Direct processing of my insurance meant I didn’t pay a dime. The Best (most pain free) injection x2 that I have ever had and I’ve had a few. Highly Recommended!”

– Gary Armstrong

“Excellent service and free consultation. For travel vaccines this is the place to go.”

– Taj Jadavji

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